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Singles Ladder

The New 2016 Singles Ladder begins November 1st.

The basic rules are:

- You must play a minimum of one match per month to retain your position or you will drop 3 positions that month.

-You may challenge 7 ahead or below you.

- You must play one down match for every up match.

-Regular scoring, two out of three sets or 1 ½ hrs. If you do not finish the match we will count games won. A tie will retain your spot.

-Each player will bring a can of balls, the winner will keep the unopened can.

-You may book ANY available court time for your matches. Matches will be limited to 1 1/2hrs.

-There is no limit to number of matches you can play.

-Please report your score at the desk and specify that you are playing a ladder match.

-We will send out the updated lists every 2 weeks. If there is a lot of movement we will send out as neccessary. The updated list will also be available on the website. (See Ladders and Misc.)



If you would like to join, please give your information to the desk. New players will start at the bottom and can challenge up immediately upon registering. The fee is waived for this year. The only cost to play is $20 per person per match. The ladder runs until April 30th. There will be prizes at the end.

Singles Ladder 2016-17    
Date:  1/1/2017    
Position Name Phone  Email
1 Kim Pflaumer (516)317-0035
2 Lisa Newell (631)375-2524
3 Debbie Catton (516)356-7150
4 Aina Erickson (201)978-4151
5 Pam Sorin (917)363-3937
6 Nancy Perlson (631)804-4117
7 Cheryl Segal (516)380-9226
8 Sue Bacey (914)450-4508
9 Donna Carter (516)353-7052
10 Heather McCormick (631)897-0064
11 Ronni Kinta (516)637-8584
12 Charisse Winthrop (646)528-6466
13 Maureen Gianaris (631)831-6885
14 Erin Katzman (516)380-9226
15 Soozie Turek (516)633-2725
16 Devon Carroll (917)531-7579
17 Alyssa Bonadonna (516)695-8048
18 Laurel Endler (516)553-8172
19 Steve Riberdy (631)766-3977
20 Maritoni Carlos (631)560-4682
21 Faith Reiss (516)662-4713
22 Gigi Banks (516)860-6072
23 Kate Kincaid (718)916-1509
24 June Zieve (631)553-1575
25 Gloria Rizos (631)423-1873
26 Justine Stokes (631)697-1290
27 Marisol Scherr (516)242-1288
28 Debbie Knowles (516)457-6670
29 Shannon Millett (917)861-7646
30 Joanne Hahn (631)495-0098
31 Laurie Coakley (917)648-5593

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