Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Two (2) 15 Week Sessions (2 to 4 in a group)


Junior Development Program (JDP)

(beginner to advanced - no competition)

The Junior Development Program is a group lesson including work on groundstrokes, volleys, and serves. When the children can serve and play points intraclub round robin tournaments will be held monthly on weekends to improve match play skills. All open court time is ½ price for juniors in the program.

½ hour lesson  $375

1 hour lesson $750

1 ½ hour lesson $975

Click here for a JDP registration form


Junior Competition Program (JCP)

(intermediate to advanced)

1 hour JDP + 1/2 hour lesson + competitive matches $1,425

1 1/2 hour drills + 1 hour lesson + competitive matches $2,195

Click here for a JCP registration form

Start Your Own Group Programs (JDP):

Start your own group 2 children $710 per child

Start your own group 3 children $625 per child

Start you own group 4 children $495 per child

* A third or fourth child may be added to groups of two - a fourth child may be added to groups of three

*If a student does not complete the full session, the other players will be expected to pay the balance.

Click here for a registration form

*Open time is 1/2 price for current JDP students*


Mini-Stars Program

This program is for children ages 4-8 using specialized tennis balls to help children have more success hitting the ball. There are 8-week sessions continuously scheduled during the year.

$260 for one-hour, including a free racket. Click here for a registration form.


Join the fun! Tennis birthday party includes:

1 hour of tennis



Ice cream cake

(For up to 16 children)

Cost: $350

Check with us for availability.